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Slobodni festival 6 / Free Festival 6

Free festival is free and open space where people can share and exchange knowledge and experience in freedom practices such as free software, open technologies, free and clean energy, unconstrained fun, free thinking, free media… Free festival caries energy of unconstrained possibilities - there is no strict program, participants are invited to participate with ideas from beginning of the making trough WIKI platform, throughout the festival. Autonomous Centre from Čakovec is there to help put it together and work on basic logistics. FF has only few strictly set up time-lines: one for workshopology seminar which happens around noon, and three meals. Other times are open for workshops, presentations collaboration and comradeship.

Free Festival is event where free thinkers, organizers, workshop givers, creatives, artists and activists meet to exchange knowledge on their subject matter, but also on methods how to do it. FF6 is opening and unstructured workshops and combinations of workshop strategies for new creative outcomes.

Symposium “WORKSHOPOLOGY” will ask questions: who is workshoper and why, why does workshoper need a place to work and what kind of place is it, what kind of lab offers good educational arena for giving and receiving workshops, why workshops in the era of digital, who will go to all the workshops offered in the world, why informal education, etc.

Festival will also offer other creative events such as concerts, spiritual healing, fun, open source knowledge, beautiful and attractive visits to nature, river of Mura and experience of local attitudes and history. It will offer a beautiful summer at location of Mursko Središće located in north Croatia, immediately on border with Slovenia. Participants will enjoy local hotel Cimper, its ground with sport and leisure activities, history of beer brewing, and will work in nature under surrounding trees and tent domes set up for workshops, presentations, children playgrounds…

Workshops will begin with short 3 minutes presentation that will create understanding of the theme, what is it good for, why it helps promoting freedom practices, and what is needed from people to follow it. After presentation, workshoper will st time and place where people interested in the theme can meet. Together, they will discuss where workshop will be held, for how long, and what days, together with what will the outcome be.


4.- 8. July 2012

Mursko Središće, Croatia.

At turist location CIMPER


Theme: teacher and student work together to create learning

Tema: učitelj i učenik zajedno stvaraju učenje

Bojan Markičević (BA) and Marc Dusseiller (CH)

Workshop is popular and easy way to say interactive “hands on” activity, which can induce learning or development of some skills. In this modern world we live in, lot of things are self-called workshop. The question still remains, what is good workshop? How to develop and implement one? It is both scientific and artistic process of performance creation with multiple not entirely overlapping outcomes. The Workshopology symposium is hold by expert participants, and open to public observation and participation, meeting where people involved in different workshop activities will self analyse their own activities.




DESCRIPTION: - workshops of repair and making bicycle monsters - open collective for recycling and direct action - opening Bike Kitchen Čakovec? - Georgio bikekitchen[at]


DESCRIPTION: Ephemeral listening: creative radio conception and production – Patrick McGinley (EE) & Udo Noll(DE) What makes a radio – a radio? This workshop explores the radio as a creative medium, and works towards the production of final works within the context of framework radio afield series and/or radio Aporee's miniatures series. We will consider and discuss the concepts of broadcasting, collective versus individual listening, and ephemeral transmission, towards a broadening of our understanding of the specificities and possibilities of radio as a medium. The workshop will be lead by Patrick McGinley, founder of Framework Radio, and Udo Noll, founder of radio Aporee.

Udo Noll

Patrick McGinley


Željko Blaće and co.


Joanna Griffin, Plymouth university


SYMPOSIUM = wine drinking (

How to mix gemišt (spritzer) with Međimurje wine

6. Pure data

Ricardo Palmieri

7. Yoga

Daily morning yoga and breathing exercises with AOL.

Ivana and Tina - breathing / meditation / relaxing / anti stress

” …a violence free society, disease free body, quiver free breath, inhibition free intellect, trauma free memory is a birth right of every individual.”

8. Bio-domes

?? - Marc

9. Dome VJing

Pedro Zaz Berlin, Micke Phillips (I dat - Plymouth)

10. Photography

Milivoj Mimi Kuhar

11. Circuit bending


12. Digital DJing

Olujić Robert

13. Noisy toys

Manchester crew

14. Cotidianosensitivo

project everyday sensitive - Ricardo Ruiz and crew

15.Theremidi orchestra

10 people from Ljudmila

16. Experimental Half-Hour

Eva Aguila and Brock Fansler are the producers of the cable television show Experimental Half-Hour, based out of Portland, Oregon USA. The cable television show showcases local and international musicians, dancers, comedians, writers, and performance artists. Our collaborators include established professional artists as well as new performers that excite and inspire us. In addition to broadcasting locally and maintaining a free Internet archive, we engage with the community by curating live multimedia performances, screening episodes at local festivals, and strongly encouraging public participation at tapings. Experimental Half-Hour facilitates a connection between artists and the often underestimated resources our community provides to create, document, and share work with others. Conceptual growth is stimulated by access to a broad range of new and old technologies. A video might be shot in HD, then edited on an analogue mixer. A visual artist might have the opportunity to play with a green screen for the first time.

Together we will be hosting a workshop demonstrating the techniques utilized in production of episodes. Topics include: Projection Mapping, Analog Video Synthesis, Hardware Hacking, and DIY Video Glitching.

17. Hackerbus

18. transdisciplianity

Plymouth crew


Ljubljana Digital Media Lab has been operating since 1994 and is based on the open-access and open-source principles. It connects new media technologies and artistic projects as well as encourages broader, savvier, and more creative uses of new technologies. It focuses on art production as well as education, research and development of open hardware and software. With the regular programme combined of workshops and events such as Edu lab / Izobraževalnice (open software) and Free Circuit / Prostovezje (open hardware) which are both based on DIY and DIT spirit, Ljudmila is firmly engaged with open source production and development. Ljudmila’s art programme is supported by Digital Dish (Digitalni obrok), annual resident program and through international networking. Since 2005 Ljudmila has been operating also as a public lead for the Creative Commons Slovenia project and is a member of the international Creative Commons network. For the last 2 years Ljudmila has been developing, an online platform for international cultural collaboration (founded and funded by Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport). It is based on the semantic MediaWiki and the content (referential articles, lists and images) are licenced under CC.

Ljudmila has produced the short film C-Man, Copyright defender: The Hand of the Justice Strikes Again! (12 min). Its  “world premiere” was at the Creative Commons Global Summit in Warsaw in September 2011. It presents the anomalies of the current copyright system in a humorous way:


Ljudmila will be presented by:

Robertina Šebjanič, program coordinator of educational and artistic activities at Ljudmila and Tina Dolinšek coordinator of educational activities at Ljudmila.


Radio terror sound gig


Tomislav Drk, CRO


Orgonit manufacturing

Orgonit is apparatus that manufactures orgone (prana, chi, ki - an universal energy). It transforms negative into positive energy (including all electromagnetic emissions). This workshop will teach you how to make orgonit apparatus.

Beforehand knowledge is not required.

Workshop lasts 2 hours.


Izrada orgonita

Orgonit je uređaj za proizvodnju orgona (prane, chi, ki - univerzalna energije), pretvara negativnu energiju u pozitivnu (sva elektromagnetska zračenja). Na ovoj će te radionici naučiti kako izraditi orgonit. Za radionicu nije potrebno predznanje Trajanje: potrebno je maksimalno 2 sata.



FORM: 4 minutes presentations - no strict form - generated ides / individual projects / older presentations

Every evening from 21 to 22 h

after presentations is symposium - drinking and discussions.

4. Volunteers

5 to 8 volunteers - 1 of them trained to lead others. Description of work:

- one with driving licence - driver

- 3 for construction, maintenance

- 2 for hospitably - drinks, food, hotel, travel, schedule

- volunteers leader




- zgodan prijedlog- kupiti vreće od krumpira (one deblje), oprati ih i napuniti sa slamom- idealno kao ležajevi koji se budu razbacili na travnjaku oko TIC-a (vidjela Ana u Mariboru, odlična stvar, ne pika i ne smrdi, a guzica ti je zadovoljna)- vjerojatno nije skupa cijena, slamu poslije vratimo farmerima ili neki sličan dogovor

MOGUĆI SPONZORI (napisat sponzorska pisama)

- medimurje plet

Slobodni festival 5 (srpanj 2011.)

Slobodni festival 5 - festivalski sudionici i njihove prezentacije održane 8. i 9. srpnja 2011.

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